Our Story

Read about how it all started

“I said: ‘I want to make the best and see if we can get that in to a box’ – and we did.”

Martin Regueiro, Co-Founder


Martin comes from a long line of furniture design and merchandising. His family has been involved in the furniture business since the 1970’s, and he’s always had a passion for beautifully crafted, high-quality products. He’s also always had a passion for building a better product than anybody else.

Bobby has been in the home goods business, and when shopping for a mattress of his own, he just wasn’t satisfied with what was available. He needed a mattress to help manage his back pain. He needed a mattress that was cleaner. He needed a mattress with temperature control. He needed a mattress made from superior materials. And he needed a mattress that wasn’t absurdly priced due to ridiculous mark ups.

So together, Bobby & Martin decided that they were just going to build that better mattress themselves.

It’s Quality First – Box Second. And PangeaBed Was Born.


Martin Regueiro


Always with a smile and laugh, Martin’s super passionate about development, getting every detail just right. Creating an amazing experience for the end user is what motivates and drives him. But out of the office you’ll see him on the hiking trails, loving nature.


Bobby Shamsian


Bobby’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. His enormous amount of management and manufacturing experience keeps us all laser focused on the tasks at hand. And what we all like best about him, is that he truly cares for his co-workers, always rock steady with a word of encouragement.