May 30 2018


10 Reasons to Get Out of Bed and Enjoy the Spring Weather

Normally we're advocates of staying in bed and binge-watching Netflix, but with the warm weather finally here, it's time to emerge from our hibernation and get outside.

Here are 10 reasons to hop out of bed and enjoy the beautiful weather:


1. Sunshine! After a long winter, you could use some sunshine and vitamin D.

2. Flowers are blooming! This means beautiful explosions of color and rebirth wherever you go!

3. It can improve your mood—even a bad one. There's absolutely nothing some quality sunshine and fresh air can't fix!

4. There will be dogs everywhere to pet, plus tons of baby animals!

5. Outdoor activities. Nicer weather brings baseball, hiking and concerts!

6. No more heavy winter coats and jackets. You'll no longer have to wear three layers to feel somewhat warm. T-shirt season is finally here!

7. Brighter mornings and longer days. Wake up to the sun shining and enjoy those gorgeous, late sunsets.

8. Spring cleaning! Now, this doesn't sound as fun as the others listed here, but spring cleaning is great—out with the old and in with the new!

9. The aromas of spring: fresh flowers, fresh air, and spring rain. Ahhh.

10. Summer is almost here! Every day brings you one step closer to summertime!


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