November 18 2016


10 Reasons to Stay in Bed This Black Friday


You've just loosened your pants a little bit on Thursday after that epic feast and you're contemplating heading out to get some shopping done on Black Friday.

But wait. 

It's 2016 and you have a little thing called The Internet.

You don't need to stand on long lines. You don't have to head to the outlets at 1am in the freezing cold.

It's 2016 and you have a little thing called The Internet.

So make yourself Monica's Thanksgiving sandwich (with the 'moist maker'), get back in bed and be happy that you're a tech-savvy person with access to the web.

Same deals as those Black Friday shoppers... only you can stay in your pjs.

Here Are A List Of 10 Reasons To Stay In Bed This Black Friday


1. Black Friday is Horrible.

First off, this is the worst day ever invented. Nobody gets any sleep, the shoppers (and workers) are cranky, and everything is too crowded. Forget it. Just stay in bed. You’ll thank us later.

2. It’s actually dangerous

People will wait hours on line to get into the stores first, and once the doors open they stampede. People actually die on Black Friday looking for bargains. It just isn’t worth it.

3. You don’t need any of those things

Please, put that shirt down! Just because it's $7 does NOT mean it’s cute.

4. You don’t have to wear pants

If you go out to shop, you’ll actually have to put on real pants. Let’s be honest. Between dinner, drinks and dessert, the post-Thanksgiving bloating is real. They call it stuffing for a reason. Besides, you’re not going to want to put on pants anyway.

5. Leftovers

There’s one thing better than a Thanksgiving dinner, and that’s Thanksgiving leftovers. Why leave home when you can stay in your kitchen and eat all day?

6. You will have to talk to people

If you go out, you will actually have to talk to other people. You did enough of that yesterday. This way you can avoid any misunderstanding. 

7. Netflix

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so holiday movies are finally acceptable to watch. Need we say more?

8. Cuddling with your dog

Sorry, your canine can’t come to the mall with you. Your best friend needs you right where you are! Stay put.

9. It’s cold out

Now that Thanksgiving is over, winter is coming. Do you really want to have to wear a big jacket when you can stay in your pajamas?

10. You can shop online

If reasons 1-9 weren’t enough to make you stay home, we're impressed. But, seriously, you don’t need to go anywhere. Just stay in bed and shop online.

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