September 26 2018


The 10 Best Apps for All of Your Sleep Needs

Sleep’s hard. But don’t worry–like everything else these days: There’s an app for that.

We’ve scoured the internet, ratings and comment sections to figure out which sleep apps will rock you to sleep, track your REM cycle, wake you up gently (or abruptly… your choice), or guide you in some relaxing meditation.

Here are some of our favorites:

Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius App

Utilizing research on how NASA gets astronauts to fall asleep, Sleep Genius trains users to fall asleep without the assistance of white noise or similar sleep tactics. Its features range from optimizing power naps to lowering stress and anxiety levels through relaxation. 

Available: iOS & Android $4.99 (w/ no in-app purchases)


Pzizz App

This power nap and sleep app combines neurolinguistics programming, enchanting music, sound effects, and binaural beats for a patented 'Dreamscapes' experience that eases users in to deep, restorative sleep. An amazingly unique feature? With more than one billion soundtracks, Pzizz will never play the exact same track twice–meaning, your subconscious will never anticipate what’s coming next!

Available: iOS & Android (Free, with in-app subscription for premium content/features: $9 per month or $99 per year)

White Noise

White Noise App

With the White Noise Mobile Lite version, users can listen to more than 40 perfectly looped original sounds to help relax or fall asleep. Additionally equipped with plenty of alarms, along with free downloads, and a recorder and mixer, this app is the go-to for some much-needed slumber–no matter the background noise!

Available: iOS & Android (Free w/ in-app purchases)


Sleep Time


Sleep Time provides valuable insights about how you sleep–tracking your movements, charting your sleep cycles, and even learning to wake you up at the perfect moment during your lightest sleep phase.

Available: iOS & Android (Free w/ in-app purchases)



This app was developed to answer that age-old question: “How much sleep am I actually getting?” With several options, SleepBot can be used as a simple sleep tracker or an in-depth analyzer. It can track your movements and sound levels, record any pattern changes, recommend tips for getting a good night’s sleep, and wake you up at just the right time to reduce tiredness.

Available: iOS (Free)

Sleep Cycle


Every night we go through multiple sleep cycles, and the Sleep Cycle app tracks them all! Find out when your light sleep phase is, how long your REM cycle lasts, and be woken up during your lightest sleep, reducing grogginess.

Available: iOS & Android (Free w/ in-app purchases)




Rightfully dubbed “The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock App,” Alarmy makes you work for your slumber. Choose from a variety of really annoying alarm sounds, and three different methods to silence them: with a swipe, shake, or a photo-match! If your photos don’t align with the latter, the alarm will just continue ringing. (Most users choose to shoot something outside their bedroom, such as the fridge or bathroom sink.) Annoying… but effective.

Available: iOS & Android (Free w/ in-app purchases)



A talking alarm clock that makes waking up fun! CARROT starts by playing chart-topping songs, and proceeds to make you complete a few hilariously bizarre chores and games, enabling you to “level up” and unlock new songs and app upgrades. Make sure you don’t sleep in, though, because CARROT does get upset!

Available: iOS ($2.99)



Headspace App

This is a super-simple app to train your mind, teaching users how to meditate, relax, be happier, and sleep better.

Available: iOS & Android (Free 10 sessions, then a $12.99 monthly or $94.99 yearly subscription)

The Mindfulness App

Mindfulness App

Just as its name suggests, this complete mindfulness app helps users practice clarity and openness, in all situations. This includes accounting for breathing space, walking meditations, yoga meditations, sitting in silence, etc. This truly is the one app for all your meditation needs.

Available: iOS & Android (Free w/ in-app purchases)

Bonus App:

Blue Light Filter: Night Mode
Blue Light Filter App

Ever wonder why it's so hard to fall asleep after using your phone in the middle of the night? That's because of exposure to blue light! It blocks the all-important, slumber-promoting hormone melatonin, preventing you from falling asleep.

Blue Light Filter for Android users, and the Night Shift feature for iPhones, aim to solve this problem. Take it from us, download the app, and adjust your screen the closer you get to bed–immediately, your eyes and body will thank you with joyous slumber. 




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