August 22 2018


4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mattress Size

If only a mattress was just a mattress. If you've ever read those hard-to-believe reviews from those who just experienced their very first good night's sleep, then you know a great mattress is much more than merely the place one rests their head each night.

The natural response to hearing someone go from ailing stress and back pain to sleeping like a baby ranges somewhere between disbelief and envy. If we're being completely honest, a great night's sleep can seem almost mystical, and the perfect mattress, downright elusive.

This doesn't have to be, however.

Finding the right-sized mattress starts with understanding you—your body, your bedroom, and your lifestyle. Once realized, the right-sized mattress won’t seem so elusive after all, and the path to joining the envied stress-free club, much clearer.

As with anything, knowing exactly what you're looking for in a match makes it a lot easier to find the perfect companion. You're more likely to spend years with your new mattress, so might as well try and get it right. With good or bad sleep at stake, it'll definitely be worth it in the long run.

What size bed should you get? The following tips can help you choose the perfect mattress:

Body Length

The first place to start is not to measure your room, or the perimeter of your bedpost, but instead, we recommend measuring you. What may seem counter-intuitive or as obvious as making sure your TV is on before calling your cable’s customer support, this one piece of advice may save you literally years of bad sleep.

After all, what's the point in buying a bed that is uncomfortable simply because it is too small to live up to your body's needs. Don't be the person who forgot to do the obvious and neglected matching their height to the boundaries of their mattress!

Regarding body size alone, if you are 5 feet 4 inches or shorter, a Twin or Full is made for you. They both provide enough length for you to sleep stretched out, and the versatility for you to slumber comfortably on your side. 

If you are taller, the Queen and King will be your matches.

If you're 6-foot-3 or more, the California King is your Zzz jam.

Keep in mind: There should be at least four inches of space between your feet and the edge of your mattress.

Room & Floor Spacing

Knowing that room dimensions vary, we recommend choosing your bed size with the square footage and overall layout of your room in mind. For example, if you have a(n):

  • Small, narrow bedroom that is (in most cases) smaller than the 70-square feet allotted to average-sized bedrooms, then a Twin is right for you.
  • Average-sized bedroom about 70-square feet, then the Full or (space-allowing) Queen is right for you.
  • Master bedroom ranging from 200- to 250-square feet, then the Queen or King is right for you.
  • Extra-long master bedroom considerably larger than 250-square feet, then the King and (more appropriate) California King are good options.

If you're looking for more help, try the Golden Ratio, which has been used to explain the perfect design and symmetry of nature, world-class paintings, and now—your bedroom. The Golden Ratio is 1:1.618. The key is to multiply the length of your room by .618, and match that figure to the mattress dimension. Or, if you know the length of your potential new bed, divide its length by .618 and match that to the perfect room size.

As you continue your quest, some may recommend using a 3:1 bedroom-to-bed ratio. This assumes that three of your beds will occupy the size of the room. Before you try it, be warned, however, that just from a practicality standpoint, there would be some overlap. Instead of the 3:1 model, we advocate using the Golden Ratio, or simply matching your bed to your room’s layout.

Your Budget

Similar to the restraints of a small room, your budget has the most impact and will dictate what size bed you buy. Most shoppers can afford to find the mattress at, or less than, $1,000. With this price point in mind, you will find our high-quality mattresses comfortable and affordable.

Size of Your Sleeping Companion(s)

Your lifestyle will also play a significant major role in which mattress you select.

Twin mattresses are ideal for small guest rooms and single sleepers. Same goes for Full-sized beds. Want to test this theory? Try the so-called 'elbow test.' Both you and a guest place your hands behind your heads while reclining. If your elbows touch, it's just not enough room! On the other hand, the Full is perfect for single sleepers who just want more space, and the choice of comfortably sleeping sprawled out or with a pet or laptop. 

The King and Queen are made for two. Dual sleepers can slumber comfortably, on either. Deciding between them simply comes down to preference of how much room each individual sleeper would like, and any other restrictions, such as room dimension and budget. Both options grant enough room for a pet, too!

PangeaBed has the perfect-sized mattress for you. Check out our wide selection and helpful Mattress Sizing Guide to find the ideal mattress dimensions to fit your room and your budget, along with the extraordinary health and slumber benefits of our Copper-Infused Mattress, today!

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