December 13 2018


5 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress

Your relationship with your mattress is unlike any other. When it's good, it's great, and near-impossible to say goodbye to each other in the morning. When it's bad, it's painful, and you may be forced to sleep on the couch, instead. We’ve all been there. The perfect mattress creates unforgettable hellos, and incredibly difficult goodbyes.

Finding the right mattress means discovering the one that completes you, providing comfort and relief you didn’t even know you needed. It’s not just a bed, it’s something with the power to fully rejuvenate, refresh, and re-energize you, on a nightly basis.

In short, it’s the one you simply don’t let get away. If you aren’t experiencing this level of comfort, or worse, the agonizing opposite, the following five tips can help you in your quest to select the best mattress.


Watch Mattress Unboxing Videos

It’s one thing to read online reviews (which we also suggest doing), but it's entirely another to view professional testers opening that box, hopping atop prospective mattresses, and evaluating them. Mattress unboxing videos enable you to do so, providing invaluable firsthand experiences to help inform your ultimate decision.



Remember This Easy Rule of Thumb:

Support = Back Pain Relief

When it comes to back pain, firmness and support can work wonders. 

If you deal with chronic back pain, descriptions such as supportive and firm should be considered buzzwords for the right mattress.When it comes to back pain, firmness and support can work wonders. Whether caused by an injury or illness, more than 80 percent of people will experience back pain within their lifetime, and a high-quality mattress could go a long way to helping alleviate this and provide much-needed relief. Firm mattresses help maintain proper spine alignment throughout the night. There is no one-size-fits-all mattress, but as a rule of thumb: When it comes to back pain, firmness and support can work wonders. 


Seek Low Motion Transfer

No one wants to be woken up by their partner's movements, nor endure the annoying creaks and squeaks of a noisy mattress. Finding a bed that isolates and keeps motion to a minimum is critical to preventing sleepless nights and dismissive glances from your bedfellow. Whether sharing your mattress with a spouse or pet, or both, finding one with low motion transfer can make all the difference. Those comprised of Talalay latex, as opposed to Dunlop latex, or purely memory foam, provide just the right balance of support and comfort to ensure a great night's rest for all. 


Temperature Neutrality = Restful Sleep

Without proper heat management, slumber can be way too sweaty in the summer, and downright frigid in the winter.

An oft-overlooked, yet very important mattress quality to be aware of is temperature neutrality. Comfort isn’t just derived from how a mattress conforms to your bodythe temperature it creates and sustains is a critical component, too. Without proper heat management, slumber can be way too sweaty in the summer, and downright frigid in the winter. Key to all this is the bed's composition. Copper, for example, is a metal renowned not just for its health benefits (more on this in a moment), but also its temperature-neutral and heat management/transference attributes—warming up and cooling down quickly. It's also all-natural, making mattresses infused with copper an ideal purveyor of comfort-inducing sleep.


Consider Mattresses With Health Benefits

A mattress that defends the body from ailments and allergies is a surefire keeper. When searching for a mattress, pay extra-special attention to those touting health benefits, such as hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and dust mite-resistant properties. Be on the lookout for those incorporating copper, too, since it possesses all of these advantages. Besides its aforementioned temperature-regulating characteristics, copper has been known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities since ancient times, and nowadays can also provide that much-needed peace of mind accompanying the knowledge you're sleeping on a mattress that's actually healthy for you.


Our Copper-Infused Talalay Latex Mattress features all the aforementioned qualities, and more. Contact us today and achieve the slumber you've always dreamed about.

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