January 27 2018


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping on a Copper-Infused Mattress

The PangeaBed copper-infused mattress didn't just happen by chance. We tested plenty of materials when designing it, but none delivered a more beneficial sleep experience than copper. We integrated this extraordinary element into our top layer of 100% pure Talalay latex to create a supportive, comfortable bed with amazing health benefits.

Utilizing the remarkable properties of copper, our mattress provides a cleaner and cooler night's sleep, along with a whole host of other positive benefits.

Here are five amazing reasons why you should be sleeping on a copper-infused mattress:

1. Antibacterial & Antimicrobial

Your mattress acts like a sponge by absorbing and housing millions upon millions of harmful bacteria. While this figure sounds crazy, it makes sense, if you think about it. Some of the bacteria you come into contact with throughout the course of your day—whether at the office or the grocery store, for just two examples—will eventually make its way into your bed and snuggle right up alongside you.

And what about cuddling with your pet in bed? Everything they touch will end up on your bed, too!

It's estimated that a mattress under a year old is home to, on average, 3,000,000 bacteria, while a mattress just 5 years old accommodates more than 13,000,000. Since copper has unique, inherent antibacterial properties, it works to prevent these harmful microorganisms from living in your mattress, delivering a cleaner slumber.

2. It's Healthy.

Your sleep directly affects your health, but this doesn't just mean how many hours you clock, or how deep you drift. Your mattress can impact your health, too. Sleeping on an old, dirty mattress that's home to millions of bacteria means you're coming into contact with these microbes for hours each night.

While your body's immune system fights off most of these creepy critters, there's still a chance you can get sick. Since copper naturally prevents bacteria and other microbes from growing in the first place, a copper-infused mattress can bring you a healthier sleep.

3. Cooler Sleep

Sleeping hot is a common complaint. There are several factors that can contribute to your overall body temperature while you rest.

These include:

  • Your gender (Men typically sleep warmer.)
  • Hormonal changes
  • Mattress type (Memory foam retains heat!)
  • Whether or not you sleep with a partner

Regardless of the reason you sleep warm, copper may help to bring you a cooler sleep. This element has unique heat dispersing properties that effectively work to keep you at the optimal temperature while you sleep.

4. It's Natural.

Chemicals are often used in household products to achieve the unique antibacterial and cooling properties that copper possesses naturally. These can be harmful to your health. Thus infusing copper into your mattress facilitates a cleaner and cooler sleep, without such toxins or its associated health risks.

5. Copper's Benefits are Long-Lasting.

Since copper is all-natural, its benefits are long-lasting. Consider them part of this exceptional metal's DNA. Your copper mattress will therefore maintain its cleaning, cooling and pro-health benefits for as long as you decide to sleep on it!

Amazing, right?! Yeah, we know! Contact PangeaBed today to order your Copper-Infused Mattress, and dream away!

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