April 11 2018


Bed Toppers: An Affordable Way to Upgrade Your Mattress

Bed Toppers An Affordable Way to Upgrade Your MattressNot everyone can spring for an entirely new mattress—and that's okay.

Mattresses are investments, and oftentimes, budgets don't include them. This doesn't mean your sleep must necessarily suffer, however.

Enter bed toppers to save the day and night!

Bed toppers provide affordable ways to upgrade a mattress, without denting your wallet.

Here are several ways how:

#1. Bed Toppers Protect You

Mattresses are home to plenty of uninvited guests, such as dust mites, allergens, dead skin cells, and more. A healthy mattress will help resolve this, but so will a bed topper that's built to be clean.

#2. Bed Toppers Keep You Cool

Purchasing a copper topper comprised of copper-infused Talalay latex will help keep you cool while you sleep and resolve any slumber issues involving excessive heat.

Did you know? Talalay latex's unique cell structure provides exceptional airflow that maximizes circulation and breathability.

#3. Bed Toppers Are Comfy

Bed toppers can help soften your slumber on mattresses that are too firm. The PangeaBed Copper Topper adds a plush, 2-inch layer of Talalay latex to any mattress, along with blended Unbleached Organic Cotton. Now that's comfy.

We stand behind our belief that we've created the best and healthiest mattress on the market!

We wanted to share the extraordinary gift of a great night's sleep with those who perhaps aren't in the market for a whole new mattress, but who equally deserve heavenly slumber, just the same. We all do!

This might even include PangeaBed mattress owners in search of the ultimate copper suite.

Whether your current mattress is a bit too firm, old, sleeps hot, or you simply want to upgrade to the healthiest and most comfortable sleep experience possible, our bed toppers were built for you!




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