August 27 2018


Building the Best Mattress by Following Our Hearts

In response to a recent Fast Company article examining the growth strategies of the major players within the booming $29 billion bed-in-a-box industry, we'd like to share some insights into what makes PangeaBed so unique, and where we see ourselves in this so-called 'Battle to Own How America Sleeps.'

The story details the histories, sales methods and business models of veteran online mattress giants Saatva and Amerisleep, contrasted with that of Casper, a newcomer currently boasting the largest market share among all brands. While the former have self-financed and taken the slow-and-steady approach, Casper's meteoric ascent is attributed to exorbitant marketing spends and hundreds of millions in venture capital financing.

As these online mattress behemoths slug it out, there are more than 170 other companies flooding the internet contending each of their beds provide the best night's sleep.

Enter PangeaBed. We believe in the supreme quality of our mattresses, and are genuine in our commitment to providing our customers with the most comfortable, and healthiest sleep, period. And while we're happy to have been doing so one customer, one mattress at a time, we're also proud to report: The word is getting out.

Here's a little insight into our optimism, our mattress, and what we've been able to accomplish to date.

If you’ve been unable to dodge a Casper ad on a billboard or on a subway while in a metropolitan area, you know why. We understand why money is pouring into this concept, but it doesn't phase us one bit. PangeaBed has grown substantially since we launched a couple of years ago, and it's all thanks to our customers.

We don't mind being the 'best-kept secret' in the industry, because we're not looking to become the biggest provider of direct-shipped mattresses. We just want to be the best. In our opinion, being the best means building the best product, not capturing market share. But that's just us.

In several ways, we're grateful to be in a 'hot' industry. There's no question it has helped us grow. The difference is that we didn't follow the money... We followed our hearts. PangeaBed's founders are furniture manufacturers by trade, and have been innovators for decades. When our co-founder, Bobby Shamsian, couldn’t find a healthy, high-quality mattress at a reasonable price, PangeaBed was born.


We didn’t find the market, the market found us. Knowing that we couldn’t have been the only one searching for a bed like this, we were driven by social responsibility—to build a breathable, supportive, healthier mattress that was affordable and made right here in America. 

For us, steady, sustainable growth from reinvesting our profits back into the company isn’t just some boardroom strategy. It is a reflection of a commitment to our customers to create a timeless, quality product. We envisioned a mattress that was self-cooling, breathable, made with Talalay latex, and infused with copper for a healthier, more comfortable option.

"When you envision a bed like this, you just can’t sit on your hands and simply dream of ways our world can be better—you get up and you create it," says our other co-founder, Martin Regueiro.

Because of our commitment, our mattresses must be manufactured without even a hint of interest in marginalizing our customers. Sure, we could make our beds for less overseas, use cheaper materials than Talalay, run extensive ad campaigns, but at what cost? Above all else, we remain committed to you, your health, and your sleep, and in the end, we’ll be the judge of our company's success, based not on financial metrics, but the number of lives we’ve impacted.

Take one of our customers, Natalya, for example.


Out of all of our raving customers, she stands out, describing our copper-infused mattress as "Otherworldly" and her experience with Pangea as follows: "The best part about traveling is coming home to MY mattress that was made for a GODDESS! I'm seriously blow away with how impeccable it is. I don't know how Pangea did it, some next level wizard magic was involved, because it's the perfect combination of firm and supportive, yet soft, gentle and cloud-like.

"I don't even remember the last time I've been to my chiropractor, all the tension in my back and neck completely dissipated since I got this mattress," she gushes.

Reviews of our mattresses from the likes of Business Insider, the Huffington Post and other outlets are cool, but what really matters to us are stories like Natalya’s. They just never get old, and are the reason we sleep well at night.

And she's just one of our many satisfied customers.

As we move forward, PangeaBed will remain steadfast in its mission of creating mattresses with healing properties—and not overseas, either, just because some investor says so. Or with less quality, to hit quarterly goals. But right here in America, maintaining the quality and control of the mattresses that improve the lives of people like Natalya.

After all, we haven’t jumped through hoops of innovation to fill our pockets, as our business decisions show we do it for you, to improve the lives of everyday Americans in the best way we can: with a good night’s sleep.



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