June 19 2018


Here's Why PangeaBed is the Best Latex Mattress

With plenty of companies using latex within their mattresses and claiming superiority, it's difficult to know which is really the best. Well, look no further. We've made the best latex mattress!

Sure, that's a bold statement to make, but we seriously believe we've constructed the best latex mattress on the market. Here's why: copper-infused Talalay latex.

When it comes to producing a latex mattress, companies can use one of two manufacturing processes to make the latex, either the Dunlop process or the Talalay process. So which is better?

As Martin Regueiro, co-founder and CEO of PangeaBed, puts it: "Dunlop latex, in my humble opinion, as a veteran in the industry, is an inferior, cheaper version of what I used, which is called Talalay latex."

Talalay latex undergoes a more advanced manufacturing process that makes it superior to Dunlop latex and other foams, which is why we use it in our mattress.

Here are some of Talalay latex's many benefits:


Talalay latex is one of cleanest materials on the market. It's hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant, and antifungal. Plus, our mattress materials are Oeko-Tex-certified, a global standard denoting that independent testers determined they contain no harmful substances.


Talalay latex retains a big, open, fluffy cell structure that makes it incredibly breathable, so it maintains the ideal temperature while you sleep. 

Superior Support

Talalay's unique cell structure results in a mattress that is responsive to your body, meaning, the more pressure you apply, the more it supports you while you sleep. This provides "uplifting” support to help keep your body, spine, neck, and head aligned while you sleep.


What really differentiates us from the rest and makes us the best latex mattress company is our infusion of real copper into the Talalay latex. Copper works perfectly with the attributes of Talalay to make our mattress even more amazing. Copper is antibacterial and antimicrobial, and as an added bonus, it transfers heat, so it keeps you at the perfect temperature while you sleep.


Sure, cleaner and cooler and all the other great qualities of our mattress matter, but what's the point if the mattress isn't comfortable? That's why we not only crafted our mattress to be cleaner, cooler, breathable and supportive, but seriously comfortable, too. On top of all those amazing benefits, sleeping on Talalay latex is heavenly. Think memory foam, but without the sinking feel. Talalay latex conforms to your body, and provides you with just the right amount of hug for the best night's sleep, every single night.

But wait... there's more.

You don't have to visit retail stores to buy our amazing copper mattress. Just go to our website, order your mattress, and it will be shipped to your door for free—in a box! Yup, our mattress is condensed, rolled up into a box, and delivered right to you—with no hassle. Plus, we offer a 100-night sleep trial, so if you're not totally in love, you can send it back, no springs attached!


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