October 28 2016


Here's Why PangeaBed is the Best Mattress for Relieving Back Pain

The average person spends about a third of their life in bed. What if we told you that the mattress you spend so much time sleeping on was causing your back pain? Considering the prices of mattresses today, this is just unacceptable! You deserve to sleep well and wake up feeling rejuvenated, not in pain. If you often experience back pain when you wake up, perhaps you should kick your current mattress to the curb.

Is your mattress causing your back pain?

Do you toss and turn, and often wake up in the middle of the night? In the morning, do your neck and back feel tight and sore? These are signs that your mattress is causing your back pain. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can worsen your back pain, causing misalignment in your spine and reinforcing poor sleeping structure. 

For your mattress to successfully support your back, it must keep your spine aligned. Maintaining your natural spine alignment while you're asleep allows your muscles to relax. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you -- even that Monday morning meeting at work.

How PangeaBed Can Help

The PangeaBed mattress has been designed to support your body and spine while you sleep, regardless of whether you prefer to sleep on your side, back or stomach.

Our mattress has three main layers that work together to provide your back with exceptional support:

  1. Our top layer of copper infused 100% pure Talalay latex provides unique uplifting support to align your spine, neck, and head. On top of exceptional comfort, it works to reduce aches, pains, and pressure points in your back.
  2. Under that is a layer of PangeaBed™ Cool Gel memory foam that softens to conform to your body, including your spine. It works to keep your spine fully supported and in proper alignment, and keeps you at the perfect temperature while you sleep.
  3. At the base of the mattress is a thick layer of high density foam that conforms to your body weight to offer superior support for your spine.

These three layers work together to keep your spine fully supported and help relieve common back pain issues caused by poor spine alignment while you sleep. By switching to PangeaBed, many customers have found that their back pain has gotten better or even disappeared altogether. But we’ll let them tell you that themselves.


"There is no dipping in the middle, it really does support your whole body. I am a side sleeper and have chronic lower back pain so finding a supportive yet soft and pliable mattress is very important to me. I am truly happy with this bed and you can't beat the price!”
– Rebecca R.
Verified Reviewer

“As my family has always dealt with back pain, I was very curious to see how my back responded to this mattress. I only have positive things to say. I am very pleased with the rest that I get with this mattress, and have noticed that I have not dealt with the pain that I experienced with past mattresses. I wake up and I'm ready to go! I would recommend this mattress to anyone!”

Verified Reviewer

"I am a side sleeper and have chronic back pain so I was sure it was going to be too firm for me- it wasn't! It's very supportive and doesn't dip in the middle so my husband and I both slept comfortably. It took a couple of weeks to fully adjust, but it was worth it once we did. This mattress is also one of the least expensive on the market and you would never guess based on the high quality look and feel of it. I am thoroughly impressed with my Pangeabed."

Verified Reviewer

"I've been sleeping on the Pangea Classic King mattress for about a month and loving it! It's soft and cushy where it needs to be but more importantly, it's very supportive where I need it. I have rotator cuff issues and a bulging disk in my back and this mattress lets me sleep with minimal movement and shifting through the night. Great choice for anyone with back, shoulder, neck issues, etc." 

Ray P.
Verified Reviewer

“…My sleep hasn't been this sound in years!! I suffer from chronic back pain, despite multiple forms of therapy and even surgery. This bed helps my body relax, which is a huge deal for me. The only down side to this mattress is that they don't make one for dogs...”

 Mallory M.
Verified Reviewer


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