May 31 2017


How to Get the Best Mattress Online

Buying a mattress online is probably the best way to mattress shop. Not only are the mattresses cheaper than what you'll find in stores, but they're also higher quality, and are delivered to your door in a "No way there's a mattress in there!"-sized box.

You obviously want to sleep on the *best* mattress, but with so many online mattress companies out there to choose from, how do you know you're getting the best?


With infinite knowledge at our fingertips (thanks to the internet), conducting important research before you buy is easy. Hop on your favorite search engine and explore all things sleep. From mattress materials to online mattress companies, you'll find all the information you need to discover your perfect mattress.

Read Reviews

Mattress reviews are great resources for helping you find an amazing mattress. Whether by customers or independent inspection companies, they provide authentic and non-biased assessments, along with helpful insights. Many such sites feature video, too, so you can actually see and hear the reviewers as they rate the mattresses.

Shop For Your Needs

We all have unique sleeping standards, so the best mattress for you may be a completely different mattress for someone else. Consider the following when figuring out your dream mattress (See what we did there?):

  • Sleep position: Are you a back, stomach, or side sleeper?
  • Size: What size mattress do you need?
  • Materials: Do you prefer the sinking feel of memory foam or the bounce of Talalay latex?
  • Level of firmness: Do you fancy a hard, medium, or soft mattress?
  • Unique needs: Are you looking for a mattress with specific characteristics, such as hypoallergenic, antibacterial, or cooling properties?


Make a list of your sleep requirements and search for a mattress that has it all.



Be Mindful of Price

Don't compromise your budget when purchasing an online mattress. Saving money by avoiding costly box store markups is one of the benefits of buying a mattress online rather than in-store, so stick to your plan. Keep an eye on the price, and don't pay mattress store prices for an online mattress!


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