September 28 2017


Is Your Pillow Causing Your Neck Pain?

If you wake up in the morning with neck pain, there's a good chance it's caused by your pillow. There are typically two main reasons for this: Either the pillow is old, or you're sleeping on the wrong type of pillow for your sleep position.

Just like mattresses, pillows don't last forever, and eventually need to be replaced. If your pillow is more than three years old, it has likely lost the support it once provided for your neck, so you should purchase a new one to see if it alleviates your neck pain. However, if your pillow is newer, and you still experience neck pain, you may have bought the wrong pillow for your slumber style.

Finding the Best Pillow

The key to reducing your neck pain is to keep your neck and spine aligned while you sleep. The best way to do that is to find the best pillow for your sleep. Sleeping on a pillow that is too high or too firm won't allow your neck to relax fully, while choosing a pillow that's too flat can also strain your neck. You must find the pillow that's just right. Ensure it has the right height and firmness for your size, sleeping position, and properly supports your neck to keep your spine in perfect alignment.

Side Sleeper

If you're a side sleeper, use a higher pillow. This naturally aligns your neck and head over your shoulders, as if you were standing with good posture. For extra support, roll up a towel and place it beneath your neck, too.

Stomach Sleeper

Since this position makes the back arch and the head turn, causing neck pain, it isn't recommended. Try to switch your sleep position. Changing sleep patterns is difficult, so if you can't, try a very flat pillow for your head (or no pillow at all).

Back Sleeper

A back sleeper should use a fairly low pillow, or place a small rolled towel under the neck to support its natural curve. This will keep your neck and head neutral, tension off the nerves, and reduce muscle tightness when you awake.

Why the PangeaBed Pillow is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain

Our copper-infused pillow provides the neck and head with extraordinary support, making it the best pillow to help reduce your neck pain. Comprised of 100% copper-infused Talalay Latex, our pillow has a buoyant, springy, and weightless feel. This results in a pillow that is responsive to your body, so the more pressure you apply, the more it supports you while you sleep. Its uplifting support helps keep your body, spine, neck, and head aligned, to reduce neck pain.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say about our copper pillow:


"It seemed a bit 'floofy,' so I have to say I was dubious. However, when I woke up this morning, my neck didn't hurt. My neck always hurts when I wake up, and my neck didn't hurt! I've got to say it again: MY NECK DIDN'T HURT! Pillow for the win! Thank you, PangeaBed, for the pillow."

—Eva Talbott, Verified Reviewer

"I started using my new pillow one week ago! After just one night, I began to notice my back did not ache anymore when I first woke up! I can't believe the difference this pillow makes! The pillow is comfortable and just the right size! I have bought several pillows within the past 2 years looking for just the right one and now finally I think I found it! I am sleeping all night soundly and my back feels great when I get up...Could not ask for more! You won't regret buying this pillow!"

—Connie, Verified Reviewer




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