December 27 2017


Keep Your Children Healthy with a Better Mattress

As a parent, you try to keep your children as healthy as possible. From the food they eat to the household products you use, every decision is made with your family's health in mind. Despite attempts to control as much as humanly possible, even the most hygienic parent is unaware of how unwanted chemicals can sneak into your home in the most surprising ways. Among the most startling examples: mattresses.

Some mattresses contain chemicals that can negatively impact your family's health. Beyond that, the humidity and warmth produced by the human body can transform mattresses into a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, viruses, and dust mites, the latter of which can cause allergies and make your children sick. The only definitive way to keep harmful microbes out of mattresses in your home is to prevent them from getting there in the first place. We suggest doing away with old mattresses and buying a new, healthy one instead.

At PangeaBed, we've created our products with your family in mind, from start to finish. "Even the glue that we use [in the mattress] is a type of glue you find in baby diapers," explains PangeaBed co-founder Martin Regueiro. "Our copper mattress is designed with materials that keep your children clean and healthy while delivering a comfy sleep."


Copper creates the perfect environment for a healthy sleep because it is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. That means our copper-infused mattresses inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes, without the addition of any potentially harmful chemicals or treatments. This prevents harmful disease-causing microbes from growing in the mattress and ensures your sleep is clean and healthy. 

Talalay Latex

Talalay latex is one of the healthiest and cleanest materials on the market. A natural, plant-based material, Talalay latex is made from sap produced by rubber trees and goes through a manufacturing process that neither contains nor produces any harmful chemicals. Talalay latex is also hypoallergenic. It goes through an eco-friendly, five-step fresh water washing process that removes such allergy-causing elements as residual soaps, curing agents, and proteins.

Along with its antibacterial and antifungal qualities, Talalay latex is naturally resistant to dust mite, mold, and mildew. When combined with copper, it truly transforms the PangeaBed into a healthy mattress unlike any other.

The Talalay latex we use is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. This guarantees that what you're purchasing contains no harmful chemicals in the outer fabric, sewing threads, inserts, zip fasteners or rivets. You can find a complete list of what is tested here. Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified companies undergo extensive product checks and company audits to ensure that the mattress industry is responsibly using chemicals to create healthier products for you and your family.

Memory Foam

All of the memory foam we use in our mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which indicates that the foam we use is a healthy material. Having this certification means that the foam is made without:

  • Ozone depleters
  • PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants
  • Mercury, lead and other heavy metals
  • Formaldehyde
  • No phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality, which means less than 0.5 parts per million
  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

Replacing your old mattress with a new, healthier one is the only way to eliminate the harmful microbes that reside in your children's mattresses. Choose our healthy and clean antibacterial copper mattress instead. Our mattress is both comfortable and affordable, so you don't have to compromise your family's health for a comfortable night's sleep.


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