December 01 2016


Keeping it Cool with PangeaBed

At PangeaBed we know mattresses, and we know what’s important to our customers. That’s why we have combined the best of comfort, support and breathability. To us, waking up sweaty is just unacceptable. So we have crafted the perfect mattress to help you stay cool while you sleep.

So why do we focus on keeping you cool while you sleep?

Let’s talk temperature.

Being hot and sweaty while you're asleep is not only uncomfortable, but it also promotes the growth of bacteria, fungus and other viruses. Keeping your body temperature cool has many benefits.

  • It allows you to fall asleep quicker and have a deeper sleep.
  • It promotes the release of melatonin, which tells your brain (and your body) that it’s time to sleep. (Melatonin is also an anti-aging hormone as well. Hello, beauty rest!)
  • Staying cool while you sleep may even lower your risk of metabolic diseases. 

Our Copper Mattress

So, what have we done to ensure that you stay cool while you sleep? We put our heads together to design our unique Copper Mattress. Copper has unique heat dispersion properties, making it the perfect material to keep you cool while you're asleep. Lying on a piece of copper doesn't exactly sound comfortable, so we've done the next best thing: we've added it to the Talalay Latex in our mattress.

We know we talk about Talalay Latex a lot but we can’t help it; it’s just amazing! Besides providing you with absolute comfort and support, it is breathable. With its superior open-cell structure, it is four times more breathable than the polyurethane, memory foam or synthetic Dunlop process latex that other mattress companies use.

One layer with cooling properties just wasn’t enough. Like other mattress companies, we have a layer of memory foam in our mattress. Rather than resorting to using regular memory foam in our mattress that traps heat, we prefer to use Cool Gel memory foam. It helps reduce heat retention that gets stored in your mattress as you sleep. In our copper mattress, the amazing combination of Talalay Latex, Cool Gel memory foam, and copper will keep you cool all night long.

We didn’t forget about pillows!

Like our mattress, our copper pillow is crafted with a cool night's sleep in mind. We use copper infused Talalay Latex in our pillows. The combination of copper in the Talalay Latex not only wicks away heat thanks, but is four times more breathable than regular pillows. Plus, our pillows have have special air perforations to maximize their breathability. It's the ultimate pillow for keeping you cool while you sleep. 




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