March 21 2018


Mattress Dimensions Fact Sheet

Determining the perfect mattress size of your new bed may seem like a no-brainer, but there are several significant factors you should consider before making a purchase.

The following fact sheet breaks down each mattress size to help you attain your best night's sleep.

Mattress Dimensions

Twin: 38 x 75 inches

Twin XL: 38 x 80 inches

Full: 53 x 75 inches

Queen: 60 x 80 inches

King: 76 x 80 inches

California King: 72 x 84 inches

Twin (38" x 75")

Twin Beds Are Best For: People who sleep on their own or have a tight living space. It is the smallest option.

Twin Beds Are Not For: Taller people - (See the Twin XL below.)

Room Size: Perfect for smaller rooms.

Benefits: Saves space and is cost-effective.

Caution: This bed is narrow, so if you like to spread out or roll over in your sleep, this may not be the right option for you.

Twin XL (38" x 80")

Twin XL Beds Are Best For: Taller people sleeping on their own or someone who may experience a growth spurt. Twin XLs boast an extra five inches of length than a regular Twin.

Twin XL Beds Are Not For: Shorter spaces - If you're shorter and want a bigger mattress, try a Full rather than a Twin XL.

Room Size: Twin XLs are typically found in dorm rooms, but can usually fit into any size room.

Benefits: Extra space for taller people who want to spread out, or shorter people who desire extra space

Caution: Finding a bed frame or other accessories may be a little tricky, since it isn't as common as the other mattress sizes.

Full (53" x 75")

Full Beds Are Best For: Solo sleepers who want more space, or couples who don't move a lot while sleeping.

Full Beds Are Not For: Couples with ample space in their bedroom and the budget for a Queen. If you can make the upgrade, do it!

Room Size: A Full bed can typically fit into smaller rooms, but may take up most of your space.

Benefits: Provides much more room than a Twin bed.

Caution: While couples can fit into a full bed, it isn't ideal, and you may be squished, or uncomfortable.

Queen (60" x 80")

Queen Beds Are Best For: Singles who want extra space, couples, and growing families

Queens Are Not For: Families who have two or more children (or pets), who want to squeeze into bed - (It's possible, but won't be comfy!)

Room Size: While a Queen may fit into a smaller room, it will be much more comfortable in a medium or large room.

Benefits: There's enough room for a couple to sleep comfortably, with extra room for a child or pet to squeeze in!

Caution: This is one of the largest mattress sizes, so make sure you measure your space before making your purchase.

King (76" x 80")

King Beds Are Best For: Sleepers who love to spread out or share a bed with someone who tosses and turns, sleeps hot, or has a different sleep schedule.

King Beds Are Not For: Smaller bedrooms

Room Size: Since the King is the largest mattress size, you'll need a large bedroom.

Benefits: You get the best of both worlds. You can cuddle, or have your own personal space.

Caution: You may end up with extra visitors (children and pets) who overstay their welcome since it's so roomy.

California King (72" x 84")

California Kings Are Best For: Taller couples 6' and up! A slimmer version of a traditional King, it boasts 4" less width, but 4" more length.

California Kings Are Not For: Those who don't desire so much extra length.

Room Size: Great for larger or narrow rooms

Benefits: Extra space for taller couples - so they can comfortably stretch out!

Caution: Make sure you check out its accessories! Don't make the mistake of ordering a King by accident.

Split King (Two Twin XLs)

Split Kings Are Best For: Couples with different sleep schedules or different comfort preferences. You can also use them on adjustable bed frames.

Split Kings Are Not For: Partners who have similar mattress preferences, since it's much easier to simply purchase a King or California King, instead.

Room Size: Since it does become a King mattress, you'll need a large room.

Benefits: You can choose two different Twin XL mattresses, enabling each sleeper to select a customized level of firmness and comfort.

Caution: Not all bed frames are compatible with Split Kings. There may be space between mattresses.

Remember: You don't want to have to replace your mattress in a few years, so choose the size that's best for you.

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