August 09 2017


PangeaBed Featured in Men's Fitness


As someone who values fitness, you know a good night's sleep is vital to recharging for tomorrow's workout. Whether it's an old mattress or the blue light from your smartphone keeping you up, sometimes getting a good night's sleep is nearly impossible.

To help you get a better night's rest, Men's Fitness magazine tested and compiled a list of its favorite "superior sleep products" of 2017, and our copper mattress made the cut. Built to provide a cleaner, cooler, and healthier sleep, our mattress is perfect for fitness enthusiasts requiring a quality night's rest to help their muscles recover—the reviewer praising the extraordinary benefits of PangeaBed:

"I can confirm: It actually does feel cooler! I slept more deeply—compared to sleeping on a prior latex mattress—and on mornings after hard workouts, muscle recovery was notably better." 

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