August 04 2017


PangeaBed Featured on Cheddar TV

PangeaBed co-founder Martin Regueiro chatted recently with Tim Stenovec and Hope King of Cheddar TV about our amazing mattress, explaining the incredible technology behind what makes it cleaner and healthier than any boxed mattress on the market, the differences between Talalay latex and Dunlop latex (including what makes Talalay latex superior), and why we use copper in our mattress.

You can find the whole video HERE, or read a transcript of the interview and watch below!


"How the Newest Mattress Company Is Keeping You Cool and Comfortable"

Tim Stenovec: Mattress disruptors like Casper have caught our eye thanks to clever marketing and easy delivery. Our next company is hoping to do the same. PangeaBed is the newest mattress to hit the market. Co-founder, Martin Regueiro, says that the company is different from its competitors. Alright, Martin, thanks so much for joining us here from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Tell us how PangeaBed is different than the Caspers, and even just the generic mattresses that you can buy on Amazon that come in a box right now.

Martin Regueiro: That’s a great question, honestly I was approached by the investors of the company because I’ve had 20-plus years’ experience in building mattresses and building out mattress galleries. During my assessment in whether to do it or not, I took a hard look at the competition, and I saw what they were doing, is these guys are master marketers, but when it comes to actually manufacturing and creating a superior mattress, I just didn’t find that.

TS: And let’s read into this a little between the lines, I mean you’re talking about Casper here, because they’re the first mover.

MR: Yeah, big time. But there’s also other guys there, and one of the key things I noticed is that they use a particular material called Dunlop latex. Dunlop latex, in my humble opinion, a veteran in the industry, I saw it as an inferior, cheaper version of what I used, which is called Talalay latex, which is the gold standard of any type of foam. So, I immediately went to that.

One of the things that differentiates the Talalay latex, is that this is an incredibly clean, cool, and breathable material. The manufacturing process, there’s a point in it that it gets flash-frozen, well let me start off. It actually gets distilled right from a rubber tree to start off, and then during the manufacturing process it gets flash frozen, so any of the particulates within it are eventually distributed. So, it creates a clean, consistent, durable slab that’s four-times more durable than Dunlop or any other type of generic memory foam.

On top of that, the cool thing about it is that it retains a big, open, fluffy cell structure. So, it’s incredibly breathable. We have a video on the website, where you see a piece of Talalay and you see the air go right through it, and then you see a piece of Dunlop and the air is blocked. So, that’s a major element. So, you have the breathability, you have the durability, 33 percent more pressure relief, also it’s inherently antibacterial and dust mite-resistant.

Hope King: Most importantly, it fits into a box!

MR: It fits into a box.

HK: You can do all of that, and you can fit it into a box. How do you get it to do that?

MR: Well, I designed the mattress, so this is a real mattress, and then I figured out afterwards how to get it in the box. This wasn’t an internet-picture mattress, this is actually something that can survive on a brick-and-mortar, full floor, where people can feel it and touch it. And then one other step there to take, this natural element, which I thought was by far the gold standard, you infuse it with copper, so that marries beautifully with the attributes of the Talalay.

So, you’re going to have copper, which since the Egyptian times has been used for transporting water through copper pipes, because it’s cooler, it has anti-fungal properties, it also has heat-dispersion properties, which works perfectly within the Talalay for mattress.

Well, why do you need that? You need it because my research, and we source it on the site, the average person will perspire about 26 gallons into a mattress every year. That humidity goes into the center, and it produced a tremendous amount of allergens that you have to breathe in and fight against. This mattress will inhibit against that, besides it being comfortable.

TS: Martin, this stuff is all really hard to communicate to a consumer, especially when a consumer is really looking at price. I mean, if you Google a mattress right now, you can barely see, you have to scroll down in order to get past all the advertisements for Casper-like companies that have popped up just because they’ve seen that this is a market that’s easily replicable. But, if you’re talking about the differentiation that you guys are doing with your company, how do you communicate that to consumers in a way to get past what you think is an inferior product?

MR: We pump out a tremendous amount of information each week through our blogging and social media, and also on the site. We have videos and articles and incredible sourcing. So, the customer who’s serious in really wanting to find the best product that they’re going to be sleeping on, and dealing with the next 10 years, will actually come to this conclusion, which I actually believe is the truth, that this is a superior product.

Even the glue that we use is a type of glue you find in baby diapers, believe it or not. So it’s clean, it’s cool, and our manufacturing partner has been making mattresses since 1951.

TS: U.S.-based?

MR: U.S.-based. Everything is manufactured here in the U.S., and many families survive and rely on PangeaBed, so that’s another important aspect.

TS: Alright, Martin Regueiro, thanks so much for joining us today.

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