January 20 2017


PangeaBed: The Best Bed For Your Bucks in 200 Words

When we compared other online mattress companies, we came to an immediate realization. Yes, these online mattress companies were offering convenience, but they weren't offering top quality. We knew we could design a far better mattress, with far better materials, at a much lower cost than almost any other company, while still offering our customers real comfort and superior support. That’s how PangeaBed was born. PangeaBed really is the best bed for your bucks. Here’s why in 200 words:

Let’s start with the mattress itself. Our mattress is made with high quality, healthy and eco-friendly materials. It is made of four different layers, each of which plays their own part when it comes to giving you your best sleep. Part of what makes our mattress so great is our secret weapon used in our mattress, Talalay latex. It's breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, and microbial and dust-mite resistant, providing you with a cleaner and healthier sleep. Our mattress is also infused with copper, making it antibacterial and temperature neutral.

"Did we mention our mattress is dangerously comfortable… dare we say, heavenly?"

Our mattress is great for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike. It’s supportive, uplifting, and moves with your body to give you your best sleep. No loud springs, which means there is limited motion transfer, so no more waking up when your partner moves. Did we mention our mattress is dangerously comfortable… dare we say, heavenly?

Rolled up in a box and quickly shipped to your door (did we mention you get free shipping?), our mattresses cost less than many other online mattress companies, and definitely less than mattresses you will see in stores. Get the highest quality mattress, without breaking the bank. Better for your wallet, better for your sleep.


That was 200 exactly. #Boom


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