January 18 2018


This Is the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Your mattress can have a huge impact on your level of back pain. In fact, it may be worsening the discomfort, or even causing it entirely. Typically, those who slumber on an old or unsupportive mattress experience back pain because they don’t get the proper spinal alignment and reinforcement they need. Replacing your mattress can therefore help alleviate or possibly eliminate back pain altogether.

Everyone is unique, which means we all require varying levels of support while sleeping. The mattress best for your back may consequently not be the best for someone else's. A good rule of thumb to follow while shopping for a new mattress is to purchase one that maintains the natural alignment of your spine. It’s also important the mattress promotes good posture while facilitating relaxation of your muscles and joints.

The Best Level of Firmness For Back Pain

It's suggested that a medium-firm mattress provides the ideal level of firmness for someone suffering back pain. A comprehensive study involving 313 patients with lower back pain found that those slumbering on such mattresses experienced less pain and less pain-related disability, compared to people who slept on firmer mattresses.

Although medium-firm is recommended, sleeping positions are also contributing factors. Here are several types, and the best mattress matches for each:

Back Sleeper

As a back sleeper, your mattress shouldn't be too firm or too stiff. Look for a bed that provides enough support, while also contouring, to your lower back.

Stomach Sleeper

If you slumber face-down on your stomach, you may need a firmer mattress to keep your spine properly aligned.

Side Sleeper

If you're a side sleeper, you'll likely require a mattress with a slight softness, so it properly conforms to the curves of your body while also supporting your hips and shoulders.

The Best Bedding Material For Back Pain

A mattress can consist of a great many materials, but not all provide the proper support required to alleviate back pain. The following are the best:

Memory Foam

Memory foam is responsive and reacts to your body weight and temperature. While you rest and warm, it conforms to your body's shapes and curves, maintaining alignment and support.


A Latex foam mattress helps alleviate back pain by providing uplifting support. The more pressure employed, the more it pushes back to properly support your body. It's therefore great for people of all sizes, shapes and weights. Latex also conforms to your body’s unique contours and curves, ensuring you're supported in areas where you need it most.

Talalay latex, in particular, undergoes a unique manufacturing process that ensures consistent support throughout. Described as a “springy” sensation with "uplifting" support, it helps keep your body, spine, neck and head properly aligned, which promotes muscular relaxation and helps maintain critical blood flow. Talalay latex also relieves up to 33 percent more pressure than other latex processes and foam mattresses.

The Perfect Mattress Solution

The PangeaBed copper-infused mattress is designed to help alleviate common back pain issues, regardless of whether you're a back, stomach, or side sleeper. Comprised of three layers that work simultaneously as one, it fully supports your body and spine.

Its layer of Talalay latex provides an uplifting quality that delivers optimal support for back sleepers, while its Cool Gel memory foam responds to pressure on the hips and elbows for side-sleepers. Don’t just take it from us, however. Many of our customers who've been suffering from back pain have been singing the praises of the PangeaBed copper-infused mattress.

Here's just one satisfied sleeper:

"Prior to getting our PangeaBed, my husband and I woke up each morning in pain. Within a day I no longer had low back pain, and within a week my husband was also pain-free. I have not slept this well since I was a child. This is an amazing mattress and an amazing company." 

—Christie Helwig, Verified Reviewer

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