October 30 2018


Urgent: Every Side is the Cool Side of Our Pillow

The cold side of the pillow is the best side of the pillow, there's just no debating that, but the hardest thing is finding a pillow that's cool, and stays cool. 

If you're sleeping on an ordinary pillow, chances are you have to flip it every so often to make sure you're staying on the cool side.

Say goodbye to nights disrupted by having to flip your pillow to the cool side, because every side of the PangeaBed copper pillow is the cool side.

Unlike most pillows on the market that trap heat, such as those consisting of memory foam, ours is created with copper-infused Talalay latex, the most naturally durable and cushioning material available, to help you sleep cool.

How We Keep You Cool

1. Copper-Infused Latex

How does copper keep you cool? It heats up and cools down quickly to provide the ideal thermal management solution. This means your pillow will stay at the perfect temperature, while you sleep.

2. Air Flow Technology

The Talalay latex in our pillow has air flow perforations designed to maximize breathability four times more than regular pillows. Talalay will help keep you sleeping cool, no matter what side of the pillow you're sleeping on.

3. Don't Forget The Cover!

PangeaBed's special pillow also boasts a breathable and luxuriously soft cotton polyester fabric cover to help you drift away to high-quality slumber! 

Together, copper's heat dispersion properties and Talalay's extraordinary breathability create the ultimate cool and breathable pillow, which also happens to be incredibly comfortable!



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