January 03 2017


When is it Time to Get a New Mattress?

Most people consider their mattress a lifelong purchase, but all good things must come to an end someday, and even your mattress will have to be replaced eventually. This may sound expensive, but your sleep is an investment in your own well-being. Your mattress can make a difference. Think about it: if you sleep seven hours a night, that’s more than  2,555 hours a year that you’ve spent on your mattress, and that’s just sleeping! Your mattress really takes a beating. But how do you know when it's time to get a new mattress?

Is your mattress uncomfortable?

Your bed should feel like an oasis of comfort that lets you drift off to sleep (almost) immediately. If you or your partner spend nights tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, then this should be a red flag that you need a new mattress.

Do you sleep better everywhere else except on your own bed?

Have you gotten a better night's sleep at a friend’s house or at a hotel? Sometimes the best way to tell if your mattress is worn out is by trying another one out. If you ever find yourself waking up feeling more rested in a bed that isn’t your own, then you need a new mattress.

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How old is your mattress?

Believe it or not, mattresses do have an expiration date. A mattress usually lasts for seven years on average before it begins to lose its support. If you have had your mattress around longer, it is time for an upgrade.

Do you wake up tired or sore?

Waking up is tough. Who really wants to get out of bed? But if you’re tired or your back is more sore when you wake up than when you went to bed, then you need a new mattress. A quality mattress allows you to relax and have a restful and rejuvenating slumber. If your mattress does not provide the proper support, you may manage to sleep, but you won't get the quality sleep you need. Your mattress should give you a lift every night. If it isn't supporting you, then replace it!

Are there signs of visible wear and tear?

If your mattress is falling apart, it absolutely needs to be replaced. Are lumps from the padding inside the mattress moving around as you roll over? Are the innersprings of the mattress sagging because they're uneven? If your mattress is squeaky when you get on or off, it may be a sign that your mattress is worn down or the springs are broken.

Do you suffer from dust allergies?

Your mattress attracts household allergens, and after years of use it can be covered with dust mites and dead skin, to name a few unsavory substances. If you wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose that goes away as your day continues elsewhere, it may be a sign that your mattress is setting off your allergies. Sadly, you can’t throw your mattress in the washing machine. You must replace it.

Has your body gone through a major change?

If your body has recently gone through a major change like a weight loss from a surgery, you should get a new mattress. If you recently lost a lot of weight, your mattress may be worn out from your previous bulk. Your body will probably need less support than before, so your mattress may not feel as comfortable. If you recently gained weight or you're recovering from an accident, your mattress may not provide enough support where you need it most. Make sure that you get the right sized mattress for your needs!

If you nodded “yes” in agreement a few times while reading this post, you could use a new mattress. We have created a fun checklist to help you figure out if the time is right for you to let go of the old one and bring in the new.

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