October 07 2016


Why Our Mattress is Better Than Yours (And Theirs)

Listen, we don’t mean to toot our own horn (okay, maybe we do) but there is something you need to know:

Our mattress is better than yours… and it’s better than theirs too.

Sure, you might wonder why we’d feel the need to make such a statement, but facts are facts.

And don’t you deserve the best? Yes, yes, you do.

Here are the facts:

Our mattress has been meticulously labored over.

No joke. We’ve got the gallons of finished coffee to prove it. We didn’t want to just throw together a mattress and sell it to you. That’s not our goal. Instead, we want to artfully craft a mattress that is more than just a bed – it’s an experience, a lifestyle. We’ve mastered our mattress creation, and we’re proud to say it.

Our mattress has been created with the finest materials on the market.

Unlike those other guys, we've actually made a mattress that brings together the best materials in the industry, creating a bed that’s so supportive, luxurious and comfy that you’ll never want to get out of it. We mean it: Do the research. See who else uses 100% Pure Talalay Latex...

We’ll wait...

Our pricing is affordable because we want everybody to get a good night’s sleep.

We aren’t in the online mattress industry to play games. We’re in it to bring the world the kind of sleep that will lead to a more fulfilled lifestyle. We want you well rested and refreshed. We want you to feel your best each and every day from the moment you rise, and we want you to look forward to coming home to bed. Perchance to dream.

Our mattress feels… heavenly

It really does. Once you snuggle up on to your PangeaBed Mattress, you’ll never want to get out of it. We've truly made a mattress that hugs you in all the right places, that supports you, contours to you, and makes you feel secure and cushioned at the same time. It’s basically magic.

We have made a magical mattress.

Now, we don’t mean to be so outrageously self-promotional here. But these are things you need to know as a consumer. You need to know what you’re spending your money on. You need to know which companies use the best materials on the market and which ones cut corners to deliver you cheap versions of our far superior product… And you need to know which of these mattress online brands actually feels amazing.

Luckily for you, we deliver (for free).

And we won’t let you down. 

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