May 09 2017


Why We're Focused on Temperature Neutrality

When we think of sleep temperature, we imagine it in terms of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You can't be too hot or too cold; you need to be "just right."

Sweating profusely or shivering all night will seriously affect the quality of your sleep, which is why at PangeaBed, we're focused on temperature neutrality. We've crafted our copper mattress to promote breathability and airflow, to keep your body temperature neutral and help you effortlessly drift off to sleep.


You may be wondering why we chose to include copper in our mattress. Well, on top of being antibacterial and antimicrobial, copper has unique heat-dispersion properties. It is an incredible thermal conductor, which heats up and cools down quickly to provide an ideal temperature-management solution. When infused into our mattress, it becomes the perfect material to wick away extra heat to maintain the best temperature for high-quality slumber.

Talalay Latex

Not only does Talalay latex provide exceptional comfort and support, it enables you to rest at the perfect sleeping temperature. The unique cell structure within Talalay latex facilitates superior air circulation and ventilation, so your mattress' temperature is naturally regulated.

Cool Gel

Similar to other mattress companies, we've incorporated a layer of memory foam into our mattress. However, unlike those companies' memory foam, which traps heat and causes you to sleep hot, we utilize Cool Gel. This specially designed memory foam reduces heat retention in your mattress, enabling you to sleep at the ideal temperature!



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