Which Mattress Size Is Right For Me?

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39″ x 75″

Twin XL

Twin XL

39″ x 80″

Cal king mattress


54″ x 75″

Queen Mattress


60″ x 80″

King  Mattress


76″ x 80″

Cal King Mattress

Cal King

72″ x 84″

PangeaBed Mattress Dimensions & Weights

Mattress Dimensions Weight Thickness
Twin 39” X 75” X 10.5” 44 lbs. 11"
Twin XL 39” X 80” X 10.5” 46 lbs. 11"
Full 54” X 75” X 10.5” 60 lbs. 11"
Queen 60” X 80” X 10.5” 71 lbs. 11"
King 76” X 80” X 10.5” 91 lbs. 11"
Cal King 72” X 84” X 10.5” 90 lbs. 11"

Size Up Your Needs

Sure, in an ideal world we’d all have King mattresses to play on – but there are many factors to consider when sizing up your mattress. For instance, how big is the room you’ll be sleeping in? If you get a larger bed, is there still enough room for your dresser? Are you sleeping with a partner? Do your kids like to jump in bed? Consider all factors when referencing this guide.

PangeaBed Twin Bed Illustration

Twin Mattress

The smallest mattress available, the Twin measures in at 39” by 75”. Ideal for kids or an adult, it’s generally the most comfortable for those under 5’5”.

Best For:
Children and Single Adults

Also Good For:
Living in small spaces, such as studio apartments

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PangeaBed TwinXL Bed Illustration

Twin XL Mattress

Measuring in at 39” by 80”, the Twin XL is ideal for a tall adult. It’s also the most popular mattress found in college dorms because it can easily fit a growing adult living in close quarters.

Best For:
Single adults who are a bit taller

Also Good For:
College dorms

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PangeaBed Full Bed Illustration

Full Mattress

Wider than the Twin XL, the Full is 54” by 75”, making it actually the same length as a Twin. Because of this, it can be a great option for a single adult or even a couple who might not have a master bedroom, but it would likely not perform best for taller adults.

Best For:
Single adults who have a little more space or couples who don’t have enough space to fit a Queen

Also Good For:
Guest rooms, growing kids who have extra space

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PangeaBed Queen Bed Illustration

Queen Mattress

The most popular mattress for couples, the Queen measures in at 60” by 80”. It provides enough room for couples to sleep comfortably together, but you likely won’t be able to fit in the whole family and the pets.

Best For:

Also Good For:
Guest Rooms

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PangeaBed King Bed Illustration

King Mattress

A bed that gives couples plenty of room, the King comes in at 76” by 80”, making it 16” wider than a Queen.

Best For:
Couples who like tons of space or who want to fit the kids in bed (and maybe the dog too)!

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PangeaBed Cal King Bed Illustration

Cal King Mattress

The longest mattress available, the California King measures 72” by 84”, making it 4 inches longer than the King (but also 4 inches more narrow)! Ideal for taller couples who want to snuggle up with the family!

Best For:
Taller couples who want to fit the kids in bed (and maybe the dog too)!

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